The Alers are the envy of the free and not-so-free world with our yearly nearly bloodless coup exchange of power to brave new leaders, or old ones who haven't learned their lesson yet.  So without further ado, I, Sean Drew, your humble scribenator of 2012 (and spoiler alert - also 2013), present the elections results in full technicolor glory.



  • Overpresidemporlord - Amidst the many scandals plaguing the final days of the Craig regime, he opted to not run again.  Err, or was that he already had done two years time served as Overpresidemporlord and we were letting him off on work release.  Either way, in a very very tight race, the now former Warlord of Acquisitions is the new Overpresidemporlord!! Congrats to Rob Reynolds on his stunning victory.  Mark Craig graciously agreed to stick around for several billion nanoseconds to help out.  Thanks again to Mark for keeping the Alers on the forefront of brewing excelllence!  And we look forward to Rob's grand reign.
  • President of Vice - The ever vigilant, always focussed, mastermind behind the scenes and the former PoV of the Alers as well as the new PoV of the Alers - Karl Luhr! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss! All kidding aside, this will be Karl's third tour of duty and we owe him a bunch of thanks and fermented goodies.
  • Gold Digger (formerly known as Pillager aka Treasurer) - JoAnne Collier has agreed to keep on keepin' on with the finances. This is tough behind the scenes job trying to keep our finances in order, working from the scribbled notes, mangled receipts and cryptic emails.  JoAnne has done a great job last year and I predict another stellar yhear.  She also has a message for y'all: Pay up SUCKAS!!!! Dues are due!
  • Web Czar - Ryan Hodgman was able to parlay his recent web rehost/redesign/resecuring/reawesomifying efforts into a decisive and very one sided victory.  Ryan promised to tie the web site to our FaceTube and LinkedTwit accounts, or something like that.  Ryan has really delivered the goods and we look forward to even more in the new year.
  • WaHa Rep - Jim Hinken was elected as our representative to WaHa.  Jim has now been pressed back into Aler service after a few years off.  He claims he is going to submit receipts from the pub he is at when he phones into the meetings.  Apparently he has some sway w/the Treasurer ...
  • Style Sherpa - Trevor Nichol was elected Sherpa last year by applying the "show up or be Sherpa" rule.  Well, he didn't learn his lesson and didn't show up and was elected Sherpa again!  Not just because he wasn't there, but because he does a great job!  Trevor graciously agreed to accept his election.
  • Knave Master (Rogue Liaison) - Nic Templeton has stepped down as the Rogue Nano coordinator. In a near textbook case of railroading, Jamie Richards (Iron Brewer extraordinaire) was pressed into service.  We need to get this thing going and Jamie is the iron man to do this.  So, fire up, send him some email w/stuff you want to brew!
  • Warlord of Acquisition - The mighty mighty Vance, master of the three finger death punch, will use his abilities to organize events and acquire necessary material for running the events.  Vance did quite a bit last year getting NHC and Oktobeerfest together.
  • Das Scribenschwein - Despite my best efforts to abdicate my responsibilities and prepare for the January meeting and have my account hacked and send out spam; a misinformed electorate has elevated me yet again to the position of scribe.  I again humbly accept this job as the Voice of the Alers.  A shining beacon of hope amongst a din of spam and misinformation (accept when my account is hacked).


sean "lyburralmeddieya" drew