November 01 2012

232 Entries

Best of Show Round

At long last, you can stop waiting with bated breath and relax and rejoice! Below are the supreme victors of Novembeerfest. (drum roll please) ...


  • Numero Uno, Uncontested Winner and #1 - Nic Templeton with CDPale. This is a session strength Cascadian Dark Ale. This beer is proof that you don't need high gravity to get a great well rounded beer that is loaded with hop aroma and flavor complemented by the darker malts. Well done Nic! This should be the Aler "house" beer.
  • First Runner Up, aka Second Place, Silver Medal and #2 - His Excellency, the Aler's Overpresidemporlord, aka Mark Craig with Factory Avenue Cream Ale. Yes, that's right, a cream ale made it to second place. In order to do that, you have nail the style, as there is no wiggle room for error. And, while I didn't taste this batch, previous batches have been very tasty and go down smooth like a good cream ale should. Great work Mark!
  • Second Runner up, aka Third Place, Bronze Medal and #3 - Doug Fielding with Olde Numbskull. This fabulous beer is an American Barleywine. Now I didn't get a chance to taste this bad boy, but judging from the fact that the BoS judges eyes rolled back into their heads as they joyfully quaffed this liquid goodness, it must be a really awesome beer. Also proof, that high grav still rocks. Great job Doug!
  • Honorable Mention - Jiri Zatloukal brewed a stellar Imperial IPA named Bolder IIPA (1.2). Look out for the 2.0 upgrade to this hoppy goodness! In all seriousness, thanks to everyone who helped pull off this contest: the brewers who took the time to brew and share their beer, the bottle sorters, the judges, stewards and to Larry's for hosting. I know that you are dedicated to making us all better brewers. We still have a mountain of data to compile and should have the remaining results posted to the web in a few days. Brewer results will likely be mailed out the week of 12th.

Detailed Results

The beers were judged in flights at "Tables". Some categories were combined if there were not enough entries for a good flight. In general, first to third place was picked, in which case there may be only a first or a first and second place. The format of an entry row below is:
<Name>, <Club Name> < City,State> < Brew Name> < Cat/Subcat> < Style Descriptor> < Place 1-3>

November 01 2012

232 Entries

Table 1 - Light Lagers and Pilsners  (7 Entries)
Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           1D   Munich Helles               1
Impaling Alers  - Beleben Helles

Jim Hinken               Bothell,WA          2C   Classic American Pilsner    2
Brews Brothers  - BB CAP

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       1D   Munich Helles               3
Whidbey Island Zymurgy Association  - Dunwich Helles

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       2A   German Pilsner               
Jerman Pilsner

Mark Craig-Davenport     Renton,WA           2A   German Pilsner               
{simple pils}

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           2B   Bohemian Pilsner             
Pivo Kral

David Greenwood          Auburn,WA           2B   Bohemian Pilsner             

Table 2 - European Amber Lager  (8 Entries)

Louis Strowger           Bremerton,Wa        3B   Oktoberfest                 1
Strumanger Oktoberfest/Marzen II

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       3B   Oktoberfest                 2
Whidbey Island Zymurgy Association  - Dr. Oktoberfest

David Greenwood          Auburn,WA           3B   Oktoberfest                 3
Impaling Alers  - Oktoberfest

Ben Schielke             Shoreline,Wa        3B   Oktoberfest                HM
Homebrewers Guild of Seattle Proper  - Schielketoberfest III

Jody Chinn               Redmond,wa          3A   Vienna Lager                 
Mrs. Esterhaus Vienna Lager

Jody Chinn               Redmond,wa          3B   Oktoberfest                  
Mrs. Esterhaus Oktoberfest Marzen

Jesse Nickerson          Bellingham,Wa       3B   Oktoberfest                  

CAREY PELTZ              RENTON,WA           3B   Oktoberfest                  
Rocktoberfest 2012

Table 3 - Dark Lagers  (7 Entries)

Ben Schielke             Shoreline,Wa        4B   Munich Dunkel               1
Homebrewers Guild of Seattle Proper  - Decoct-o-matic

Brendan Gramer           Seattle,WA          4B   Munich Dunkel               2
Homebrewers Guild of Seattle Proper  - Da Slam Dunkel

Jamie Richard            Kent,WA             4B   Munich Dunkel               3
Impaling Alers  - Dunkel Time

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          4C   Schwarzbier                  
Lazy Schwarz

David Pucci              Oak Harbor,WA       4C   Schwarzbier                  
AyeSeaEwe Use the Schwartz

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       4C   Schwarzbier                  

Jim Hinken               Bothell,WA          4C   Schwarzbier                  
BB Schwarz

Table 4 - Light Hybrid  (14 Entries)

Mark Craig-Davenport     Renton,WA           6A   Cream Ale                   1
Impaling Alers  - Factory Avenue Cream Ale

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          6B   Blond Ale                   2
North Seattle Homebrewers  - Euro 2012 Blond - EBL (1.1)

Kevin Bender             Seattle,WA          6D   American Wheat or Rye Beer    3
Canada Ho! Wheat

Casey Williams           Tacoma,WA           6A   Cream Ale                    
Cream Pail

thomas weaver            oak harbor,wa       6A   Cream Ale                    
womac cream ale

Ryan Meyer               Bothell,WA          6B   Blond Ale                    
Boo Juice Blonde

Ken Buckley              Maple Valley,Wa     6B   Blond Ale                    
Beautiful disaster Blonde

Paul Gholson             Poulsbo,WA          6B   Blond Ale                    

Matt Smith               Monroe,WA           6C   Koelsch                      
Back Deck Kolsch

Jody Moffett             Ferndale,WA         6C   Koelsch                      
Ode to Chuckanut

Brendon George           Everett,WA          6D   American Wheat or Rye Beer     
Trails End Rye

Brian Coy                Seattle,WA          6D   American Wheat or Rye Beer     
American Wheat

Tony Ochsner             Edmonds,Washington  6D   American Wheat or Rye Beer     
American Wheat Ale

Timothy Leber            Seattle,WA          6D   American Wheat or Rye Beer     
Holden's Folly

Table 5 - Bock and Amber Hybrid  (5 Entries)

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           7C   Dusseldorf Altbier          1
Impaling Alers  - Eichenfass Alt

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       5C   Doppelbock                  2
Whidbey Island Zymurgy Association  - Dopplebock

Jason Shaw               Kirkland,Washington 5B   Traditional Bock            3
Otto Von Bockbier

John Ream                Kent,WA             5A   Maibock                      
Not Dead Guy

David Greenwood          Auburn,WA           7B   California Common Beer       
Anchors Away Ale

Table 6 - English Brown  (8 Entries)

Kevin Ceder              Seattle,WA          11C  Northern English Brown      1
North Seattle Homebrew  - Old Nut-job Brown

David Pucci              Oak Harbor,WA       11C  Northern English Brown      2
WIZA  - AyeSeaEwe English Brown

Steve Thurman            Woodinville,WA      11C  Northern English Brown      3
LOADED  - Wee Crazy Nut Brown

David Pucci              Oak Harbor,WA       11A  Mild                         
AyeSeaEwe English Mild

Tony Ochsner             Edmonds,Washington  11A  Mild                         
Talli the Timid English Mild (1.2)

Michael Nelsen           Auburn,WA           11A  Mild                         
Scratch Craft Light

Mark Shipman             Wenatchee,WA        11B  Southern English Brown       
Mark Shipman

David Pucci              Oak Harbor,WA       11C  Northern English Brown       
AyeSeaEwe Wet English Brown

Table 7 - Scottish And Irish Ale  (10 Entries)

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           9A   Scottish 60/-                
Haggis Chaser 60/-

David Pucci              Oak Harbor,WA       9C   Scottish 80/-                
AyeSeaEwe Hot Scotch Ale

Dale Coleman             Tacoma,wa           9C   Scottish 80/-                

John Marshall            Des Moines,Wa       9D   Irish Red Ale                
Tonto Imperial Red

Steve Thurman            Woodinville,WA      9D   Irish Red Ale                
Top-O-Mornin Irish Red

Paul Gagliano            Shoreline,WA        9E   Strong Scotch Ale            
Fookin Blootered

Dercik Avitt             Renton,WA           9E   Strong Scotch Ale            
Buchanan's Beast

John Marshall            Des Moines,Wa       9E   Strong Scotch Ale            
Molly O Golly

Kevin Bender             Seattle,WA          9E   Strong Scotch Ale            
Chubby Scotch Ale

Robb Wick                renton,wa           9E   Strong Scotch Ale            
""Holy Cow White Guy""

Table 8 - American Ale  (24 Entries)

Ben Bottoms              Seattle,WA          10A  American Pale               1
Fraternal Order of Wayward Brewers  - Sticky Fingers

Matt Smith               Monroe,WA           10A  American Pale               2
GEBL  - Fresh Hop Pale

Todd Quessenberry        Bellingham,WA       10C  American Brown              3
Bellingham Homebrewers Guild  - Franklin Brown

Ken Newton               Maple Valley,WA     10A  American Pale                
Big Tale Ale

Ryan Meyer               Bothell,WA          10A  American Pale                
Legacy Pale Ale

Brian Tetreault          Tacoma,WA           10A  American Pale                
Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Richard Berndt           Seattle,WA          10A  American Pale                
Autumn Equinox Pale

Tony Ochsner             Edmonds,Washington  10A  American Pale                
Peanuts Pale Ale

Kevin Ceder              Seattle,WA          10A  American Pale                
Egghead's Simply Amazing! Fresh Hop Ale

Justin Murray            University Place,Wa 10A  American Pale                
Hiding from the sun

Jim Hinken               Bothell,WA          10A  American Pale                
Bothell Brewing Pale Ale

CAREY PELTZ              RENTON,WA           10A  American Pale                
Hopatitis C

Peter Larsen             Seattle,wa          10A  American Pale                
{Fish Tickler}

Mike Howard              Bothell,WA          10A  American Pale                

Craig Chapman            Seattle,WA          10B  American Amber               
Red Shifted

Craig Chapman            Seattle,WA          10B  American Amber               

Glenn Adams              Cashmere,WA         10B  American Amber               
Walking Dead Guy Ale

Richard Berndt           Seattle,WA          10B  American Amber               
Mike's Amber 2012

Chris Payne              SAMMAMISH,Washington10B  American Amber               
1212 - Sue's Red

Ron Gresley              Bremerton,Washington/USA10B  American Amber               
Vulcan Red

Alex Cleanthous          Bellingham,WA       10B  American Amber               
NW Amber Ale

Todd Quessenberry        Bellingham,WA       10B  American Amber               
Harvest Red Rye

Matt Yoakum              Bellingham,WA       10C  American Brown               
Rocky Darwood

ken warren               federal way,wa      10C  American Brown               
mack n pump

Table 9 - English Pale Ale  (7 Entries)

Jody Chinn               Redmond,wa          8A   Ordinary Bitter             1
none  - Standard

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          8B   Special/Best/Premium Bitter     
Bestest Bitterest (2.1)

Ryan Meyer               Bothell,WA          8C   Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA)     
4 Leaf ESB

Richard Berndt           Seattle,WA          8C   Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA)     
Mike's ESB

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       8C   Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA)     

Justin Murray            University Place,Wa 8C   Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA)     
Night out on the tiles

David Becker             Shoreline,WA        8C   Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA)     
Harvest ESB

Table 10 - Porter  (10 Entries)

Brian Allen              Seattle,WA Washington12C  Baltic Porter               1
Impaling Alers  - Brian's Baltic

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           12A  Brown Porter                2
Impaling Alers  - Brown Sidney

Nic Templeton            Seattle,WA          12B  Robust Porter               3
Impaling Alers  - A bottle in front of me Porter

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       12A  Brown Porter                 
Brown Porter

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          12A  Brown Porter                 
Brown Porter BP (1.4)

Paul Gagliano            Shoreline,WA        12B  Robust Porter                
Coffee Cart Espresso Porter

Ken Newton               Maple Valley,WA     12B  Robust Porter                
Big Pick n Porter

Gab Mendlik              Oak Harbor,Wa       12B  Robust Porter                
GM Porter

Tyler Kaye               Oak harbor,Washington12B  Robust Porter                
Smashing J.I.M. Porter

ken warren               federal way,wa      12B  Robust Porter                
iron triscuits

Table 11 - Stout  (21 Entries)

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          13C  Oatmeal Stout               1
Greater Everett Brewer's League  - Orca Tooth Oat Stout 2

Brendan Gramer           Seattle,WA          13F  Russian Imperial Stout      2
Homebrewers Guild of Seattle Proper  - RIS 1

Dercik Avitt             Renton,WA           13B  Sweet Stout                 3
Chocolate Milk

Jody Chinn               Redmond,wa          13A  Dry Stout                    
Drye Irish Stout

David Pucci              Oak Harbor,WA       13A  Dry Stout                    
AyeSeaEwe Drinkin Stout

Tim Kordik               Carnation,WA        13B  Sweet Stout                  
Milk Stout

Justin Murray            University Place,Wa 13B  Sweet Stout                  
Spotted Stout

Bob Yeaw                 Seattle,Washington  13C  Oatmeal Stout                
Oatmeal Stout

David Greenwood          Auburn,WA           13C  Oatmeal Stout                
Absconder Stout

Jody Moffett             Ferndale,WA         13C  Oatmeal Stout                
Jeff's Happy Oatmeal Stout

Matt Burns               University Place,Washington13D  Foreign Extra Stout          
Wipeout Stout

Jamie Richard            Kent,WA             13D  Foreign Extra Stout          
XX Stout

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           13E  American Stout               
American Stout 2012

Craig Chapman            Seattle,WA          13E  American Stout               

Matt Smith               Monroe,WA           13E  American Stout               
Seattle Depression

Paul Gholson             Poulsbo,WA          13E  American Stout               
{Stinky stout}

Dercik Avitt             Renton,WA           13F  Russian Imperial Stout       
Belgian Imperial

Richard Berndt           Seattle,WA          13F  Russian Imperial Stout       
Erin's Imperial Stout

Doug Fielding            Tacoma,WA           13F  Russian Imperial Stout       
Nihilists Stout

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          13F  Russian Imperial Stout       
Russian Inperial Stout #2

Timothy Leber            Seattle,WA          13F  Russian Imperial Stout       
Komrad Hops

Table 12 - IPA  (18 Entries)

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          14C  Imperial IPA                1
North Seattle Homebrewers  - Bolder IIPA (1.2)

Trevor Nichol            Tacoma,WA           14B  American IPA                2
Alers  - Galaxy

Jody Chinn               Redmond,wa          14C  Imperial IPA                3
none  - whazhoppining????

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           14B  American IPA                 
Glass Breaker IPA

Matt Yoakum              Bellingham,WA       14B  American IPA                 

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          14B  American IPA                 
Get Coned Fresh Hop IPA

Al Swanberg              Maple Valley,Wa     14B  American IPA                 
fresh hop ipa

Mark Shipman             Wenatchee,WA        14B  American IPA                 
Mark Shipman

Jamie Richard            Kent,WA             14B  American IPA                 
Piggy IPA

John Marshall            Des Moines,Wa       14B  American IPA                 
Ollie and Louie Double Dog IIPA

Joseph Norton            Port Orchard,Washington14B  American IPA                 
Liberty Call IPA

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          14B  American IPA                 
Stong IPA - AIPA (2.4)

Ken Buckley              Maple Valley,Wa     14B  American IPA                 

ken warren               federal way,wa      14B  American IPA                 
hair o the wet hop

Ryan Downey              Seattle,WA          14B  American IPA                 
Karate Hop

Craig Chapman            Seattle,WA          14C  Imperial IPA                 

Louis Strowger           Bremerton,Wa        14C  Imperial IPA                 
Rolling Thunder DIPA

Benjamin Jackson         Seattle,WA          14C  Imperial IPA                 
Cascade hoptastic

Table 13 - German Wheat and Rye  (4 Entries)

Mark Craig-Davenport     Renton,WA           15A  Weizen                      1
Impaling Alers  - Hill Giant Hef

Jesse Nickerson          Bellingham,Wa       15A  Weizen                       

Jesse Nickerson          Bellingham,Wa       15A  Weizen                       

Dale Coleman             Tacoma,wa           15B  Dunkelweizen                 
{liver in training}

Table 14 - Belgian  (15 Entries)

Timothy Leber            Seattle,WA          16C  Saison                      1
Beer Renegades of Everett Washington  - Farming With Dynamite

Matt Yoakum              Bellingham,WA       16C  Saison                      2
Soshie Saison

Ben Bottoms              Seattle,WA          16D  Biere de Garde              3
Fraternal Order of Wayward Brewers  - Finders Keepers

Chris Payne              SAMMAMISH,Washington16A  Witbier                      
1209 - Pia Haole

Patrick Hinken           Renton,WA           16A  Witbier                      

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           16C  Saison                       
La Meilleure Saison

Ben Bottoms              Seattle,WA          16C  Saison                       
Sneakin' Sally

will young               cashmere,wa         16C  Saison                       
Saisons change

Robb Wick                renton,wa           16C  Saison                       
Saison III

Mike Hausenfluck         Covington,WA        16D  Biere de Garde               
Swille de Lille

Steve Cook               Seattle,WA          16E  Belgian Specialty            
Saison Romarin

Mark Shipman             Wenatchee,WA        16E  Belgian Specialty            
Mark Shipman

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       16E  Belgian Specialty            
Rye Saison (4.2)

Chris Brehm              Bellingham,WA       16E  Belgian Specialty            
Dark Lord of the Funk

Alex Cleanthous          Bellingham,WA       16E  Belgian Specialty            

Table 17 - Sour Power  (4 Entries)

Ben Bottoms              Seattle,WA          17A  Berliner Weisse             1
Fraternal Order of Wayward Brewers  - Down with Delbrueckii

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       17A  Berliner Weisse             2
Whidbey Island Zymurgy Association  - Lacto Calweissian

Mark Craig-Davenport     Renton,WA           17A  Berliner Weisse              
Sour Puss

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          17F  Fruit Lambic                 
Dark Heart - Black Currant Lambic

Table 18 - Dubbel Trubbel and Tripel Threat  (8 Entries)

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           18C  Belgian Tripel              1
Impaling Alers  - Tripel Six

thomas weaver            oak harbor,wa       18A  Belgian Blond Ale           2
WIZA  - B.B.

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          18E  Belgian Dark Strong Ale     3
North Seattle Homebrewers  - BDS

Mark Griffin             Sammamish,WA        18B  Belgian Dubbel               
Dubbel Trouble

Dale Coleman             Tacoma,wa           18C  Belgian Tripel               
{Holy Celibacy}

Dercik Avitt             Renton,WA           18E  Belgian Dark Strong Ale      
Black Honey Tripel

Bob Yeaw                 Seattle,Washington  18E  Belgian Dark Strong Ale      
Belgian Dark Strong

Jeremy Allison           Oak Harbor,WA       18E  Belgian Dark Strong Ale      

Table 19 - Hard Liver Heaven  (7 Entries)

Doug Fielding            Tacoma,WA           19C  American Barleywine         1
HOPS  - Olde Numbskull

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          19B  English Barleywine          2
North Seattle Homebrewers  - Barley Wine #1

Paul Gagliano            Shoreline,WA        19A  Old Ale                     3
North Seattle Homebrew Club  - Jensens Old Peculiar

Craig Chapman            Seattle,WA          19A  Old Ale                      
Old Insulator

Brendan Gramer           Seattle,WA          19A  Old Ale                      
Old Grit

Jim Williams             Chicago,IL          19B  English Barleywine           
Blue Line

Trevor Nichol            Tacoma,WA           19B  English Barleywine           
BIG Barley

Table 20 - Fruit Beer  (6 Entries)

Jonathan Permen          Renton,WA           20A  Fruit Beer                  1
Impaling Alers  - Fruition - Raspberry Biere de Garde

Todd Quessenberry        Bellingham,WA       20A  Fruit Beer                  2
Bellingham Homebrewers Guild  - Raspberry Tart

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          20A  Fruit Beer                  3
North Seattle Homebrewers  - Raspberry Wheat (1.1)

Joseph Norton            Port Orchard,Washington20A  Fruit Beer                   
Mr. Plumly Pale

Todd Quessenberry        Bellingham,WA       20A  Fruit Beer                   
Peach Tart

Matthew Blosser          Mill Creek ,WA      20A  Fruit Beer                   
Wheatastic Berry Blast

Table 21 - Herb, spice, vegetable  (13 Entries)

Jason Shaw               Kirkland,Washington 21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer    1
EDE Pumpkin Ale

Doug Fielding            Tacoma,WA           21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer    2
HOPS  - Smokin Hot!

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer    3
Greater Everett Brewer's League  - Apocolypto Brown

Nicholas Corleto         Wading River,New York21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
Pumpkin Harvest Ale All Grain

Brendan Gramer           Seattle,WA          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
Breakfast Stout

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
Goblyn's Folly II

Ben Bottoms              Seattle,WA          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
Pride of Cucurbita

Glenn Adams              Cashmere,WA         21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
Glenns Pumpkin Rye Ale

Tim Frame                Seattle,WA          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
PumpTim Ale

Kevin Ceder              Seattle,WA          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
Pumpkin Brown

Patrick Hinken           Renton,WA           21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
South Sound Pumpkin Ale

Kevin Bender             Seattle,WA          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
Pepper Beer

Peter Larsen             Seattle,wa          21A  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer     
{Pinky Out Pumpkin Stout}

Table 22 - Christmas, Smoke and Wood  (10 Entries)

Ben Bottoms              Seattle,WA          22C  Wood-Aged Beer              1
Fraternal Order of Wayward Brewers  - Theme from the Barrel #1: Barleywine

Jody Moffett             Ferndale,WA         22A  Classic Rauchbier           2
Bellingham Homebrewers Guild  - Smoky Goodness

Ben Bottoms              Seattle,WA          22C  Wood-Aged Beer              3
Fraternal Order of Wayward Brewers  - Theme from the Barrel #2: Imperial Porter

Timothy Leber            Seattle,WA          22B  Other Smoked Beer            
Quantrill's Dream

Brendan Gramer           Seattle,WA          22C  Wood-Aged Beer               
Ivana Humpalot

John Marshall            Des Moines,Wa       22C  Wood-Aged Beer               
Old Ale De'JD

Mark Craig-Davenport     Renton,WA           22C  Wood-Aged Beer               
What Wood Buddha Do

Bob Yeaw                 Seattle,Washington  22C  Wood-Aged Beer               
Whiskey Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong

Chris Brehm              Bellingham,WA       22C  Wood-Aged Beer               
Whiskey Barrel Stout

Robb Wick                renton,wa           22C  Wood-Aged Beer               
""KnickerDropper on Roids""

Table 23 - Specialty Beer  (19 Entries)

Nic Templeton            Seattle,WA          23A  Specialty Beer              1
Impaling Alers  - CDPale

Matthew Blosser          Mill Creek ,WA      23A  Specialty Beer              2
Impaling Alers  - Firestoned IcePA

Steve Cook               Seattle,WA          23A  Specialty Beer              3
Impaling Alers  - Plutonium

will young               cashmere,wa         23A  Specialty Beer               
Rye'T On!

will young               cashmere,wa         23A  Specialty Beer               
Sim Sum CDA

Brian Tetreault          Tacoma,WA           23A  Specialty Beer               
Fresh Hop Pale ale

Louis Strowger           Bremerton,Wa        23A  Specialty Beer               

Louis Strowger           Bremerton,Wa        23A  Specialty Beer               
Smoked Bourbon Porter

Al Swanberg              Maple Valley,Wa     23A  Specialty Beer               
nettle ale

Casey Williams           Tacoma,WA           23A  Specialty Beer               
ElectroHopnetic Black Pulse

Kevin Ceder              Seattle,WA          23A  Specialty Beer               
West-End Blone

Patrick Hinken           Renton,WA           23A  Specialty Beer               
India Brown Ale

Brendon George           Everett,WA          23A  Specialty Beer               
Sunrise Red Rye IPA

David Becker             Shoreline,WA        23A  Specialty Beer               
Harvest Sticke Alt

Brian Allen              Seattle,WA Washington23A  Specialty Beer               
American Weizen Dopplebock

Ryan Downey              Seattle,WA          23A  Specialty Beer               
Rahn yei

Ryan Downey              Seattle,WA          23A  Specialty Beer               
Wake and Bake Brown

Ryan Downey              Seattle,WA          23A  Specialty Beer               
Gluten liberated libation

Robb Wick                renton,wa           23A  Specialty Beer               
""Vanilla Storm""

Table 24 - Meads, Ciders, Perries  (6 Entries)

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          25C  Other Fruit Melomel         1
Greater Everett Brewer's League  - Dark Seduction

Roger Bauer              Tukwila,Wa          24C  Sweet Mead                  2
"Impailing Alers,   PSAWBC"  - Dog Lips Brewhaus   Mead

Roger Kee                Everett,WA          28D  Other Spec. Cider/Perry     3
Greater Everett Brewer's League  - Spicy Apple Love

Jiri Zatloukal           Seattle,WA          25C  Other Fruit Melomel          
BlackBerry Mead

Timothy Leber            Seattle,WA          25C  Other Fruit Melomel          
Woman In Red

ken warren               federal way,wa      27A  Common Cider                 
bang bang cider