2014 Joint Novembeerfest / Puget Sound ProAm Results

Best of Show

244 beers went to head to head in a jaw dropping bottle, umm, I mean battle, to determine which brewer had shown his mettle from the metal kettle to the final ferment. Once the smoke cleared, the best of the best emerged victorious and deliciously drinkable.  There were many fine brews, so these honors are not to be taken lightly.

PlaceEpic BrewerStyleHeroic Brew
1st Place - Best of Show Phil Cammarano 6C  Light Hybrid|Kolsch Rasenmaher Bier
2nd Place - Best of Show Christopher Prigmore 12B Porter|Robust Porter Robusty
3rd Place - Best of Show Mark Emiley 17A Sour Ale|Berliner Weisse Napoleon's Funk
Honorable Mention - Best of Show Daniel Klingman 7B  Amber Hybrid|California Common Not So Common

Special thanks to The Impaling Alers and WaHA for making this competition possible.  Thanks to all who sorted bottles, judged, stewarded and otherwise helped.  Thanks again to our sponsors!

Brewery Selections

Also, just as exciting as winning the competition is the chance to work with a pro brewer to scale up your recipe and brew on the big iron.  And then invite your friends, family and fellow brewers to enjoy your beer at the brewery.  The pro brewers had a tough time narrowing down the choices, but after much tasting, meditating and a wee bit of levity, the following were brews were chosen.  Congratulations to those about to brew, we salute you.


Brewery Brewer's Beer Style / Pro-Am Competition*
Airways Brewing Company Mark Emiley’s Napoleon’s Funk Berliner Weisse (WABA)
Big Al Brewing Alison Joy's Blond Basil Thaddius Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer (Recreational)
Elliott Bay Brewing Company Steve Taylor’s Sidetracked Scottie Scottish Heavy 70/- (WABA)
Elliott Bay Brewing Company Rodney Kibzey’s La Madera Wood Aged Beer (GABF)
Elysian Brewing Company George Stephens' Obnoxious IPA Imperial IPA (GABF)
Fish Brewing Company Keith Ciani’s Double Decoction Dort Dortmunder Export (WABA/GABF)
HiFi Brewing Company Phil Cammarano’s Partial Eclipse (CDA) Specialty Beer (WABA/GABF)
Issaquah Brewhouse Benjamin Brown's Berlinerweisse Mk II Berliner Weisse (Recreational)
Naked City Brewery Mark Emiley’s Napoleon’s Funk Berliner Weisse (GABF)
Northwest Brewing Company Nicholas Jones’s Irish Red 1 Irish Red Ale (WABA/GABF)
PostDoc Brewing Mike Ritzer’s There She Gose Specialty Beer (WABA)
Powerhouse Brewery Phil Cammarano’s Rasenmaher Bier Kolsch (Recreational)
Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Tacoma) Jim Hinken’s Belgian Dark Strong Belgian Dark Strong (WABA)
Reuben's Brews Louis Strowger's Strumanger Oktoberfest / Marzen (WABA/GABF)
Silver City Brewery Mike Hausenfluck’s Franco-American

Biere de Garde (WABA/GABF)


* Please note that the Pro-Am competition indicated is not a "promise" to submit to the competition but a goal of submitting to the competition.  Variables outside the control of the brewer may not permit submission.


Competition Details

And below are the flights that made up the competition.  Each flight was generally one style category, although occasionally a smaller number of entries called for combining of categories.


Flight 1 Lightening Round (9 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
keith ciani Dortmunder Export dbl decoction dort Olympia,WA South Sound Suds Society 1
Jason Barker German Pilsner Pils are STILL Good! Beaverton,OR Oregon Brew Crew 2
Carey Peltz German Pilsner Hosenschlange Renton,WA Impaling Alers 3
Barry Chan Munich Helles Das Butt Munich Helles Seattle,WA    
Louis Strowger Munich Helles Sehr Gut Helles! 10 gal Bremerton,Wa    
Derek Immekus Munich Helles Munich Helles Seattle,WA    
Ryan LeCompte Classic American Pilsner Old Timey Pilsner Bier Seattle,WA    
Dennis Nagy Classic American Pilsner CAP Monroe,WA    
Nicholas Jones Classic American Pilsner CAP 5 Seattle,WA    

Flight 2 Fossilized Sap Loggers (7 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Louis Strowger Oktoberfest Strumanger Oktoberfest/Marzen IV Bremerton,Wa West Sound Brewers 1
Nicholas Jones Vienna Lager Vienna 1 Seattle,WA   2
keith ciani Oktoberfest Maria Olympia,WA South Sound Suds Society 3
George Stephens Oktoberfest I AM The One Who Knockstoberfest Graham,WA    
Kevin Butler Oktoberfest Maltoberfest oak harbor,wa    
Nathaniel Porter Oktoberfest Some Like It Kalt Oktoberfest Kenmore,WA    
David Whitwell Oktoberfest Toast to Meinolph Tacoma,WA    

Flight 3 The Dark Side has Cookies (7 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Jason Barker Eisbock Ice ice baby Beaverton,OR Oregon Brew Crew 1
Jason Barker Doppelbock Chickens go bawk bawk Beaverton,OR Oregon Brew Crew 2
Barry Chan Schwarzbier Space Balls Pun SchwarzBier Seattle,WA North Seattle Homebrew Club 3
Ryan LeCompte Munich Dunkel Dunkelator Seattle,WA    
Jason Barker Traditional Bock Thanks Randy Scorby! Beaverton,OR    
David Whitwell Doppelbock Smooth Operator Tacoma,WA    
George Stephens Eisbock Frozen Goat Graham,WA    

Flight 4 A Prius is not my fav tasting light hybrid... (14 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Phil Cammarano Koelsch Rasenmaher Bier Seattle,WA   1
richard hernon Koelsch Kölsch Boise,ID   2
Jason Barker Koelsch Silver Moon Kolsch Beaverton,OR Oregon Brew Crew 3
Robin Skillin Cream Ale Honey MOO MOO Oak Harbor,WA    
George Stephens Koelsch What's an Umlaut? Graham,WA    
Paul Le Febvre Koelsch KK Koelsch Seattle,WA    
Steve Taylor Koelsch Kolsch Me Another Tacoma,wa    
Joseph Norton American Wheat or Rye Beer Lounge Chair Port Orchard,WA    
Joseph Norton American Wheat or Rye Beer Cherry Picker Port Orchard,WA    
Barry Chan American Wheat or Rye Beer Mutually Assured Defenestration Seattle,WA    
Todd Quessenberry American Wheat or Rye Beer Rye Guy Bellingham,WA    
Ken Leisher American Wheat or Rye Beer Honey Rye Ale Coupeville,WA    
Jeremy Reeves American Wheat or Rye Beer Supermans Broken Bones Merican Wheat Ferndale,WA    
Nicholas Jones American Wheat or Rye Beer American Wheat Seattle,WA    

Flight 5 Amber Alert (8 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Daniel Klingman California Common Beer Not So Common Lutz,FL Tampa Bay BEERS 1
Alexander Gashti Dusseldorf Altbier The Time Before Death Tampa,FL Alexander Gashti 2
George Stephens California Common Beer Steam Roller Graham,WA The Brewing Network 3
Steve Cook North German Altbier Good Karma Alt Warrensburg,Missouri    
Jason Barker California Common Beer Oregon Logger Beaverton,OR    
Jeff Gladish California Common Beer Rye is the Secret Ingredient Tampa,FL    
Mark Stober Dusseldorf Altbier Alt Beer Wesley Chapel,Florida    
Mike Ritzer Dusseldorf Altbier German Bitter Newcastle,WA    

Flight 6 Saxon Invasion (13 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Scott Greenwood Ordinary Bitter Greenwoods Bitter Boynton Beach,Florida Palm Beach Draughtsmen  
Jim Hinken Special/Best/Premium Bitter Fresh Hop Amber Bothell,WA Impaling Alers 2
Dave Flotree Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) Pub Ale Shoreline,WA North Seattle Homebrew Club 3
richard hernon Ordinary Bitter Our Bitter Boise,ID    
Rodney Kibzey Ordinary Bitter Ordinary Average Water Portland,OR    
Tim Heryford Special/Best/Premium Bitter "Wet Bunny, Fresh Hop Pale" Vashon,WA    
Dennis Nagy Special/Best/Premium Bitter Best Bitter Monroe,WA    
George Stephens Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) Pippa's Backside Bitter Graham,WA    
Paul Le Febvre Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) Bsby's Bitter II Seattle,WA    
Darren Gordon Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) #47 ESB Seattle,WA    
Rob Baysden Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) ESB Poulsbo,WA    
Benjamin Barlow Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) One Bedroom Bitter Seattle,WA    
Nicholas Jones Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) Caramel ESB Seattle,WA    

Flight 7 All other tables are CRAP!! (5 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Mark Tanner Scottish 70/- Scotch 70 Oak Harbor,WA WIZA 1
Nicholas Jones Irish Red Ale Irish Red 1 Seattle,WA   2
Charles Macaluso Strong Scotch McMarion Saint Helens,Oregon Oregon Brew Crew  
Steve Taylor Scottish 70/- Sidetracked Scottie Tacoma,wa    
Tim Heryford Irish Red Ale Cascade Sunrise Red Ale Vashon,WA    

Flight 8 Murrica! (18 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Paul Navarrette American Amber Paul Navarrette Bremerton,WA West Sound Brewers 1
jason mantello American Amber Red Eye bellingham,wa Bellingham Homebrewers Guild 2
Bryan Myron American Pale Afternoon Sessions Normandy Park,WA ASH 3
Joseph Norton American Pale Northwest Rain Maker Port Orchard,WA    
Aaron Loomis American Pale Hairy Man Pale Ale Seattle,Wa    
Benjamin Brown American Pale Waimea/Citra/Amarillo Pale Tacoma,WA    
George Stephens American Pale The Infidel Graham,WA    
Barry Chan American Pale Dog Fart APA Seattle,WA    
Mark Tanner American Pale Ic Oak Harbor,WA    
Rob Baysden American Pale APA Poulsbo,WA    
Steve Taylor American Pale Sidetracked Pale Ale Tacoma,wa    
Howard Hawley American Pale NoTanLines Pale Ale Gig Harbor,WA    
Patrick Dutmers American Pale Wry Pale Ale Tacoma,Wa    
Patrick Dutmers American Pale Backyard Fresh Hop Pale Tacoma,Wa    
Sean Forrest American Pale Fresh Hop Pale Ale Kent,WA    
Steve Taylor American Amber Sidetracked Amber Tacoma,wa    
Blake Doepker American Brown Turn this Brown Upside Down Seattle,WA    
David Whitwell American Brown Gig Harbor Brown Ale Tacoma,WA    

Flight 9 Brown Out!! (8 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
George Stephens Northern English Brown Gone To See A Man About A Horse Graham,WA The Brewing Network 1
Scott Greenwood Mild Greenwoods Brown Boynton Beach,Florida Palm Beach Draughtsmen  
Tim Heryford Northern English Brown Jackie Brown Ale Vashon,WA Impaling Alers 3
richard hernon Mild Brown Ale Boise,ID    
Jason Barker Southern English Brown So Brown Beaverton,OR    
Ben Ginther Northern English Brown English Rain Lake Oswego,Oregon    
Mike Ritzer Northern English Brown Brown Eyed Girl Newcastle,WA    
Todd Quessenberry Northern English Brown Uptown Brown Bellingham,WA    

Flight 10 If I had a porter for every ... (5 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Christopher Prigmore Robust Porter Robusty Seattle,WA   1
keith ciani Brown Porter Foggy London Town Olympia,WA South Sound Suds Society 2
Mark Tanner Robust Porter Big Ass Porter Oak Harbor,WA WIZA 3
Tim Frommer Brown Porter Old Brewer's Yard Seattle,WA    
Paul Le Febvre Robust Porter Baby's Special Porter II Seattle,WA    

Flight 11 Stout stout stout it all out (21 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Mukunda-Krishna Tyson Russian Imperial Stout Kats Paw Oak Harbor,WA WIZA 1
Bill Barrett Russian Imperial Stout Kate the Great Dade City,Florida Tampa Bay BEERS 2
Mark Easton Oatmeal Stout Type IV Portland,OR Oregon Brew Crew 3
Warren Hanson Russian Imperial Stout Ryenilla Imperial Stout Seattle,WA   HM
Eric Hinson Dry Stout Lucky 13 Stout Portland,OR    
richard hernon Dry Stout Chomolungma Boise,ID    
Jason Barker Sweet Stout Luncheon Beer Beaverton,OR    
Chris Cook Sweet Stout 196th Street Milk Stout Spanaway,WA    
Ken Leisher Oatmeal Stout Smilin Fox Coupeville,WA    
John Ehle Oatmeal Stout Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Renton,WA    
Freddy Van Tongerloo Foreign Extra Stout Pretinha Tampa,FL    
Seth Kuiper Russian Imperial Stout MANifest Drishti RIS Saint Petersburg,Florida    
Darren Gordon American Stout Stout Seattle,WA #48  
Nicholas Jones American Stout AS 1.1 Seattle,WA    
Kevin Ceder American Stout Split open and melt Seattle,WA    
Charles Macaluso Russian Imperial Stout Bora Bora Saint Helens,Oregon    
Doug Ballou Russian Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout Vancouver,WA    
Kent Reuille Russian Imperial Stout Kent Reuille Wesley Chapel,Florida    
Geoff Hall Russian Imperial Stout Nightman Cometh Riverview,Florida    
Mark Tanner Russian Imperial Stout Double D RIS Oak Harbor,WA    
Warren Hanson Russian Imperial Stout Bourbon Oaked Breakfast Stout Seattle,WA    

Flight 12 OPA for IPA! (18 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
George Stephens Imperial IPA Obnoxious IPA Graham,WA The Brewing Network 1
Rodney Kibzey American IPA Free Hops Portland,OR Oregon Brew Crew 2
Joshua Miller English IPA Cracker Jack IPA Wenatchee,WA   3
Charles Macaluso American IPA Tabu Pia Saint Helens,Oregon    
Blake Doepker American IPA Flight of the Nelsons Seattle,WA    
Barry Chan American IPA Intercontinental Ballistic Unicorn Seattle,WA    
Jay Walker American IPA Hop Pocket Tacoma,WA    
Tim Heryford American IPA IPA Vashon,WA Jilly Jet  
Howard Hawley American IPA Pliny Lite Gig Harbor,WA    
Michael Hannam American IPA Uncle Jack Burien,WA    
David Whitwell American IPA Black Island IPA Tacoma,WA    
Jim Hinken American IPA Bothell Brewing IPA Bothell,WA    
Jeremy Reeves American IPA The Dankness Ferndale,WA    
Jason Barker Imperial IPA Jasons First IPA Beaverton,OR    
David Frombach Imperial IPA Tiny Pliney Poulsbo,WA.    
Paul Le Febvre Imperial IPA P + V Seattle,WA    
David Frombach Imperial IPA ZoSo Imperial Poulsbo,WA.    
Tim Heryford Imperial IPA Icculus Imperial IPA Vashon,WA    

Flight 13 Free Gluten! (4 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Scott Greenwood Weizen Greenwwods Hefe Boynton Beach,Florida Palm Beach Draughtsmen  
Kevin Ceder Weizenbock Weizenbock Seattle,WA North Seattle Homebrewers 2
Mark Emiley Weizen Waugieweizen Federal Way,WA Impaling Alers 3
Jen Nicosia Weizen The Hefe Jefe Seattle,WA    

Flight 16 Don't waffle on these Belgians (18 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Mike Hausenfluck Biere de Garde Franco-American Covington,WA Impaling Alers 1
Kevin Ceder Saison Saison Seattle,WA North Seattle Homebrewers 2
Mark Joy Belgian Specialty Ranier Ancient Ale Arlington,WA   3
Mat Wisner Witbier Can I Get A WITness Shoreline,WA    
Jordan Diment Saison Tilted Farmhouse Monroe,WA    
Tim Frommer Saison C.D. Saison Seattle,WA    
Louis Strowger Saison Shipwreck Saison Bremerton,Wa    
Dave Janssen Saison Soma Seattle,Wa    
Mike Hausenfluck Saison Saisonette Covington,WA    
Rob Baysden Saison The change of command Poulsbo,WA    
Mike Ritzer Saison Power Chord Newcastle,WA    
Mat Wisner Saison Tis the Saison Shoreline,WA    
Nathaniel Porter Saison Broken Link Saison Kenmore,WA    
Annie Johnson Saison Saison du Ann Seattle,WA    
Lucas Alcalde Belgian Specialty Backer's Brew Bothell,WA    
Mark Tanner Belgian Specialty Belgian Quad Oak Harbor,WA    
Howard Hawley Belgian Specialty Belgian Patersbier Gig Harbor,WA    

Flight 17 Pucker Up (11 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Mark Emiley Berliner Weisse Napoleon's Funk Federal Way,WA Impaling Alers 1
Mark Emiley Gueuze Paradisio Federal Way,WA Impaling Alers 2
Mark Emiley Flanders Red Ned Flanders Federal Way,WA Impaling Alers 3
Benjamin Brown Berliner Weisse Berlinerweisse Mk II Tacoma,WA    
Mark Tanner Berliner Weisse Bales Berliner Oak Harbor,WA    
Jay Walker Berliner Weisse Scheiße Weisse Tacoma,WA    
Mark Joy Flanders Red Rouge 164 Arlington,WA    
Mark Emiley Flander Brown Ale/Oud Bruin Rod and Todd Flanders Federal Way,WA    
Mark Emiley Lambic Simplicity Federal Way,WA    
Annie Johnson Lambic Watermill Seattle,WA    
Mark Joy Fruit Lambic Estate Berry Lambic Arlington,WA    

Flight 18 Belgian Muscle (13 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Louis Strowger Belgian Blond Ale Ardennes Bremerton,Wa West Sound Brewers 1
Jim Hinken Belgian Dark Strong Ale Belgian Dark Strong Bothell,WA Impaling Alers 2
David Whitwell Belgian Tripel Trip to Westmalle Tacoma,WA Homebrewers of Puget Sound 3
Mike Ritzer Belgian Blond Ale Bitter Bitch Newcastle,WA    
Benjamin Barlow Belgian Blond Ale Unemployed Blond Seattle,WA    
Mark Tanner Belgian Dubbel Dubbel Oak Harbor,WA    
Charles Macaluso Belgian Tripel Triple Countdown Saint Helens,Oregon    
Phil Cammarano Belgian Tripel Aartsengel Seattle,WA    
Jim Hinken Belgian Tripel Bothell Brewing Tripel Bothell,WA    
Paul Le Febvre Belgian Golden Strong Ale McNichols Bro's Beer Seattle,WA    
Mat Wisner Belgian Dark Strong Ale Bulldog Belgian Shoreline,WA    
John Ream Belgian Dark Strong Ale Luce Cannon Kent,WA    
Kevin Ceder Belgian Dark Strong Ale Dark Medicine Seattle,WA    

Flight 19 Does the room always spin like this? (6 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Ken Leisher Old Ale Gale Warning Coupeville,WA WIZA 1
Steve Heathers Old Ale Steve Heathers Mount Vernon,WA    
Mark Tanner Old Ale Old Ale Oak Harbor,WA    
Charles Macaluso English Barleywine Old Crows Nest Saint Helens,Oregon    
Mark Joy American Barleywine X-tra Large Big Hop Ale Arlington,WA    
David Hutchinson American Barleywine Fata Morgana Issaquah,WA    

Flight 20 Froot Beer (9 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Mark Emiley Fruit Beer Cacophany Federal Way,WA Impaling Alers 1
David Whitwell Fruit Beer Lawn Mower Tacoma,WA Homebrewers of Puget Sound 2
Mike Ritzer Fruit Beer Tropical Funk Newcastle,WA Mt Si Brewing Society 3
Jason Barker Fruit Beer Blackberry Belgian Beaverton,OR    
Charles Macaluso Fruit Beer Anchor Pool Saint Helens,Oregon    
Benjamin Brown Fruit Beer Blackcurrant Berliner Tacoma,WA    
jason mantello Fruit Beer Pink Eye bellingham,wa    
Christian Chandler Fruit Beer Mandarin Orange Kolsch Chandler,AZ    
Mark Tanner Fruit Beer Black Currant Berliner Oak Harbor,WA    

Flight 21 Herb was one spicy vegetable (17 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
JESSE FLEMING Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Pumpkin Porter PUYALLUP,WA HoPS 1
Barry Chan Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Thaiger Mom Tripel Seattle,WA North Seattle Homebrew Club 2
Alison Sheafor-Joy Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer Lingonbaer Juniper Memory Arlington,WA Stilly Mashers 3
Joseph Norton Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Ichabod Port Orchard,WA    
Annie Johnson Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer The Great Pumpkin Seattle,WA    
Barry Chan Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer FExxx Me Coffee Stout Seattle,WA    
Mark Joy Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Chili Willy Arlington,WA    
richard hernon Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Honey Wheat Boise,ID    
Alison Sheafor-Joy Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Basil Thaddius Arlington,WA    
Scott Greenwood Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Greenwoods Autumn Ale Boynton Beach,Florida    
Ryan Jorgensen Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Pumpkin 3.14159 Ale Issaquah,WA    
Joshua Miller Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Red Headed Step Child Wenatchee,WA    
Tim Heryford Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Crush the Fog Chai Brown Vashon,WA    
Rob Baysden Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Spruce Almighty Poulsbo,WA    
Ryan LeCompte Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Nectar of the Gourds Seattle,WA    
Jason Shaw Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Happy Pumpkin Kirkland,WA    
Roger Bauer Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer Yule-Thank Me Later Tukwila,WA    

Flight 22 Smokey the Bear vs. Woodsy the Owl (5 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Rodney Kibzey Wood-Aged Beer La Madera Portland,OR Oregon Brew Crew 1
Todd Quessenberry Wood-Aged Beer BHG 5th Anniversary Bellingham,WA Bellingham Homebrewers Guild 2
Alison Sheafor-Joy Wood-Aged Beer Portly Wood Arlington,WA Stilly Mashers 3
Mark Joy Wood-Aged Beer Brandy Barrel Porter Arlington,WA    
Alison Sheafor-Joy Wood-Aged Beer Booze Cock Stout Arlington,WA    

Flight 23 That's my Specialty (15 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Dennis Nagy Specialty Beer IPL Monroe,WA GEBL 1
Phil Cammarano Specialty Beer Partial Eclipse Seattle,WA   2
Mike Ritzer Specialty Beer There she gose. Newcastle,WA Mt Si Brewing Society 3
Mark Emiley Specialty Beer Purgatory XI Federal Way,WA    
Barry Chan Specialty Beer Hide yo' Kids Seattle,WA    
Gary Yetter Specialty Beer Perdido Bay APA Pensacola,Florida    
Joshua Miller Specialty Beer Fuzzy Bunz Wenatchee,WA    
Mark Tanner Specialty Beer Chocolate Cherry Stout Oak Harbor,WA    
Rodney Kibzey Specialty Beer Blackened Hops Portland,OR    
Matthew Beucherie Specialty Beer Chocolate Vanilla Oaked Stout Everett,WA    
Todd Quessenberry Specialty Beer Franklin Fest Terroir Bellingham,WA    
Barry Chan Specialty Beer Santa Clausenii American Brett Seattle,WA    
Justin Murray Specialty Beer The Wet Clark Tacoma,WA    
John Ream Specialty Beer Mean Mugging IPA Kent,WA    
Colin Miller Specialty Beer {Gober The Gozeman} Lakewood,WA    

Flight 24 Mead me in the park (5 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Roger Bauer Sweet Mead Sparkling Sweet Mead Tukwila,WA Impaling Alers & PSAWBC 1
Barry Chan Other Fruit Melomel Pantry Dropper Seattle,WA North Seattle Homebrew Club 2
David Whitwell Cyser Bodega de Isla Negra Dry Spiced Cyser Tacoma,WA    
Christopher Ridgway Other Fruit Melomel Multi-Berry Melomel Oak Harbor,WA    
Mark Joy Open Category Mead Ancient Ale Arlington,WA    

Flight 27 In Cider Trading (8 Entries)

BrewerStyleBeer NameLocationClubPlace
Gary Yetter English Cider Forgotten Favorite Pensacola,Florida Escambia Bay Homebrewers 1
Rodney Kibzey Common Cider Commoner Cider Portland,OR Oregon Brew Crew 2
Mat Wisner Other Spec. Cider/Perry Apple Pie Cider Shoreline,WA   3
Blake Doepker Common Cider Oak Cider Seattle,WA    
Blake Doepker English Cider Improv Cidery Seattle,WA    
Blake Doepker Fruit Cider Blackberry Cider Seattle,WA    
Paul Le Febvre Fruit Cider Rockin Raspberry Cider Seattle,WA    
Rodney Kibzey Fruit Cider Cherry Juice Portland,OR    


Why – WIIFY (wutz in it for you)


  • Focused feedback on your beer, with suggestions for taking it to the next level

  • Gives the club points

  • Raises money for organizations that promote homebrewing

  • Chances to win and and humbly boast, brew on production systems, have fun




  • Absolutely need to brew to style

    • Style Resources:

    • Use those recipes as a springboard, think about where you want to be within that style

    • Try suggested classic examples of style

      • Evaluate examples for color, clarity, aroma, mouth feel, flavor, CO2 levels, hop flavor/bite and so on

      • See which example you like and tweak recipe to match

  • Follow good brewing basics: hit your mash temps, use good water, big pitch of health yeast, correct fermentation temperature, cleanliness, relax

  • Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew




  • Make sure you have correct CO2 levels, might want to slightly over carbonate to allow for loss during packaging. See for a good chart if you keg.

  • Use clean bottles. No really, make sure they are clean, inside and out.

  • Give it a good fill, about an inch from the top

  • Purge bottles with CO2 beforehand if you can

  • No personal labels or marking




  • Fill out style correctly (read about styles if not familiar)

  • Fill out specialty info, especially if :

    • 16E. Belgian Specialty Ale

    • 20. FRUIT BEER




    • Be clear about why/what is special, what is the base style, what to look for in aroma/taste

  • Use normal size brown bottles (12oz or 11oz)

  • Do not effen tape the labels to bottle. Remember the volunteers are doing this after work and have been drinking. Rubberbands are good enough to fasten labels.

  • The number of bottles required is typically only 3 bottles, but can be less. Note that the label sheets print 4, the extra label are for just in case, don't send in more bottles than you need to

  • Use envelopes or staples to attach multiple sheets for multiple entries

  • Use different color caps for different beers, if you can

  • Arrange the bottles nicely and in order if you enter multiple

  • If you have to ship:

    • No effen peanuts. They go everywhere and drive people mad.

    • If it is hard to wrap, it is hard to unwrap. Remember, we have been drinking when we process the entries

    • No effen peanuts

    • Did I mention, no effen peanuts.


Post Entry


  • Be patient, the results will be out quickly

  • Remember that no one brews a 50 point beer:

    • 40+ is amazing, be proud

    • 30+ is pretty darn good, be proud

    • 20+ is decent, be happy but sharpen your skills

    • below 20 needs some work, but doesn't mean awful. Could be out of style or got infected.

  • Give much free beer, props and cash to competition organizers and volunteers.


The Impaling Alers will host at least one BJCP Exam Cram session which will focus on time management, test taking theory, and an actual full-on 3 hour exam complete with essay questions and beers to taste & evaluate. We found this to be a very helpful tool in taking the exam last year. There will be a nominal fee, similar to the other club-hosted study group sessions to help cover the cost of beers and materials. The practice test questions will be made available on the WAHA site right after the practice test for those who cannot attend. Take the practice exam on your own if you need to, but the pressure of being under the gun with a group is reflective of the real deal and will help you be better prepared to manage the limited time for taking the exam.

The practice exam will be held 1-2 weeks prior to the formal exam. The exam will likely be held in late February 2009. The date will be posted as soon as it is decided. Email me with any questions and to get your name on the list for the Exam Cram This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

More info to follow as details progress. Check with your local club rep regarding the club-sponsored study groups and review sessions. Currenlty, CBG, GEBL and NSH are planning study groups and review sessions. Details of those study groups sessions will be posted soon.

This fall we will kick off an 8 class BJCP study group to get some new members trained to be BJCP judges.  We'll probably run an 8 week course held one night a week at Larry's Brewing Supply.  Each class will run around 2-2.5 hours and we'll cover topics for the written part of the exam as well as work our way through the styles.  At the end of October, 12 people will have the opportunity to take the exam.  The exam itself runs $50 and each class will run around $10.  Great time, great beers, and a great learning opportunity.  However, space is limited.  


If you are interested in taking the class, contact Mark Emiley and we'll get you signed up.



Details for the August-October BJCP exam study group classes have been posted here.

The exam itself is full, but you are welcome to attend classes.  Simply contact Mark Emiley through the link on the site.