Why – WIIFY (wutz in it for you)


  • Focused feedback on your beer, with suggestions for taking it to the next level

  • Gives the club points

  • Raises money for organizations that promote homebrewing

  • Chances to win and and humbly boast, brew on production systems, have fun




  • Absolutely need to brew to style

    • Style Resources:

    • Use those recipes as a springboard, think about where you want to be within that style

    • Try suggested classic examples of style

      • Evaluate examples for color, clarity, aroma, mouth feel, flavor, CO2 levels, hop flavor/bite and so on

      • See which example you like and tweak recipe to match

  • Follow good brewing basics: hit your mash temps, use good water, big pitch of health yeast, correct fermentation temperature, cleanliness, relax

  • Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew




  • Make sure you have correct CO2 levels, might want to slightly over carbonate to allow for loss during packaging. See http://www.kegerators.com/carbonation-table.php for a good chart if you keg.

  • Use clean bottles. No really, make sure they are clean, inside and out.

  • Give it a good fill, about an inch from the top

  • Purge bottles with CO2 beforehand if you can

  • No personal labels or marking




  • Fill out style correctly (read about styles if not familiar)

  • Fill out specialty info, especially if :

    • 16E. Belgian Specialty Ale

    • 20. FRUIT BEER




    • Be clear about why/what is special, what is the base style, what to look for in aroma/taste

  • Use normal size brown bottles (12oz or 11oz)

  • Do not effen tape the labels to bottle. Remember the volunteers are doing this after work and have been drinking. Rubberbands are good enough to fasten labels.

  • The number of bottles required is typically only 3 bottles, but can be less. Note that the label sheets print 4, the extra label are for just in case, don't send in more bottles than you need to

  • Use envelopes or staples to attach multiple sheets for multiple entries

  • Use different color caps for different beers, if you can

  • Arrange the bottles nicely and in order if you enter multiple

  • If you have to ship:

    • No effen peanuts. They go everywhere and drive people mad.

    • If it is hard to wrap, it is hard to unwrap. Remember, we have been drinking when we process the entries

    • No effen peanuts

    • Did I mention, no effen peanuts.


Post Entry


  • Be patient, the results will be out quickly

  • Remember that no one brews a 50 point beer:

    • 40+ is amazing, be proud

    • 30+ is pretty darn good, be proud

    • 20+ is decent, be happy but sharpen your skills

    • below 20 needs some work, but doesn't mean awful. Could be out of style or got infected.

  • Give much free beer, props and cash to competition organizers and volunteers.